10 Best PractiSes for keeping employee engagement fresh

Are you capitalising on all the benefits of Gamification?

In study after study, Gamification has been proven to increase employee engagement, productivity, motivation, and satisfaction. If you are serious about future growth, consider these statistics from companies with high employee engagement rates.

Companies who report high employee engagement:

  • Have average revenue growth 2.3 times greater over 3 years
  • Have 65% greater share-price
  • Have 20% less absenteeism
  • Demonstrate 15% greater productivity
  • Have 26% less staff turnover

But once you have launched a program, how do you keep Gamification fresh so you see sustainable results?

Fortunately, there are many tools at your disposal to help you reach Gamification Greatness! Utilising best practises will help you see results immediately, as well as long-term. Download the ebook to learn more about the benefits of Gamification, and 10 Best Practises that will help you sustain those results.

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